SEND Revisit in Central Bedfordshire 4, 5, 6 July – Have your say

Dear Parent Carer,

Ofsted and the Care Quality Commission (CQC) have announced a SEND Revisit of Central Bedfordshire Local Area from Monday 4th to Wednesday 6th July, 2022. There will be two inspectors, one from Ofsted and the other from the CQC.

Our last Local Area SEND Inspection took place in November 2019 and resulted in a Written Statement of Action (WSOA) for six areas of significant weakness. The focus of the Revisit is only on these areas which have been detailed in our WSOA.

We know there is more to do, but since the inspection, we have undertaken significant work with parent carers, partners and other stakeholders to make improvements for children and young people with special educational needs.

Ofsted and the CQC are keen to gain the views of our parent carers.  Please see the letter from the Lead inspector, Paul Wilson which gives information on how you can give your views, including an online survey which is open from Monday 27 June to Friday 1 July.

Parents and carers who would like to feedback to Ofsted can take part by either completing a Survey or emailing  The survey will open at 12 noon on Monday 27 June 2022 and close at 12 noon on Friday 1 July 2022.