Accommodation for Adults in Need of Care and Support

In Central Bedfordshire, there is a range of accommodation-based care and support for people with disabilities

These include:

  • Residential care, this means people who have personal care needs, living in a care home
  • Nursing care, this means people who have nursing care needs, living in a care home which have qualified nurses on site
  • Supported living, this helps people with care and support needs to live in their own home, within their local community in a safe and secure environment
  • Independent Living, this is where people live in their own home and may have low level support to help maintain their home life
  • Shared lives, a carer shares their home and family life with a person who needs support to live everyday life

If you have eligible needs under the Care Act 2014 your allocated worker will be able to talk to you about the types of accommodation that are available and best suited for your needs. 

Accommodation availability and vacancies can change regularly, so that we can keep track of this, Young Adults and Independent Living Team have an accommodation meeting each week so we can make referrals for accommodation and support in a timely way.