Early Intervention Grant Panel

Additional funding for mainstream settings, schools, and colleges for children/young people without an Education, Health & Care Plan (EHCP)

What is the Early Intervention Grant

The Early Intervention Grant is additional funding available to mainstream settings, schools, and colleges for children/young people without an Education, Health & Care Plan (EHCP).

Central Bedfordshire Council provides Early Intervention Grants to settings for young people without an EHCP. All requests for an Early Intervention Grant must be submitted on the application form which can be found at the bottom of this page.

When can settings apply for an Early Intervention Grant?

Settings may request an Early Intervention Grant for specific, short term, targeted interventions, to support an individual where support is required above the notional delegated funding.

The setting should demonstrate that they have taken purposeful, relevant, and sustained action to meet the child’s SEN before making a request for additional funding. The setting must clearly detail what the request is for, the cost, and how the interventions will be measured.

The Early Intervention Grant should not be viewed as a long-term solution. If the child’s needs continue to require additional support, schools should consider whether to request an Education and Health Care Needs Assessment.

Early Intervention Grants may will not be agreed for any longer than two academic terms (unless in exceptional circumstances) and can be offered as a maximum of £1500 per term (in some circumstances £2000 may be delegated where an EHCNA has been agreed the school can evidence need). The Early Intervention Grant will be agreed for one term in the first instance.

Schools should be aware that funding will not be backdated, and they should apply as early as they see a need for additional funding to support a child.

Can I apply more than once?

Yes, however requests for an extension to an Early Intervention Grant must be accompanied by evidence from the setting as to how funding given to date has been used, and the impact it has had for the outcomes of the individual, as well as what an extension will be used for.

Should an extension be required, evidence of impact and full costings must be submitted within the application.

What does the panel look like?

The panel takes place every other Tuesday between 11.45am and 1pm, and settings are required to attend the panel to present and support the application for funding. If a setting is unable to attend the request will not be heard. A case can be deferred to the following week if requested. The decision as to whether the funding has been agreed will be emailed to the school within 3 days of the panel convening and will include any further recommendations.

The panel is made up of representatives from CBC (including educational psychologists and SEND Advisory Teachers) and schools across the local authority. 

What funding can I apply for and what information is required?

Tier 1 Funding is for staff training (up to £800)

  • Provider carrying out the training
  • Cost of the training
  • Evidence of how school will use CPD and external support to upskill all staff in meeting identified need

Tier 2 Funding is for individual pupils (up to £1500)

  • Clear evidence of implementation of Graduated Response over time. Where evidence over time is not available, evidence of circumstances that have given rise to sudden, significant change
  • Clear evidence of interventions specific to area of need identified within application.
  • Evidence of financial expenditure already in place and evidence of impact
  • Clear detail of how additional funding will be spent with clear measurable outcomes
  • Clear evidence of the exit strategy to be implemented when funding ceases
  • Documentation must evidence the strategies being implemented by adults
Early Intervention Grant Application

Below is a list of information that is required to submit a request for an Early Intervention Grant application. You will be able to save the form (in case you need to leave it whilst completing it), and you will also be asked if you want an email of the submission (so that you have evidence of application.

Personal Information

  1. Date of submission
  2. School name
  3. Child/Young Person Name
  4. Gender
  5. Date of Birth
  6. Year group
  7. Age
  8. Ethnicity
  9. Is the child LAC/Post LAC/PP/at risk of permanent exclusion? (tick box for each option)
  10. Tick to confirm that parental consent has been sought for this submission to be shared (tick box)
  11. Tick to confirm that the child resides in CBC (tick box)
  12. The following services are involved in this case: EP, Speech and Language, Jigsaw, Early Help, Social Care, Paediatrician, OT, Physio, Outreach (Umbrella, Chiltern, Ivel, Weatherfield) (tick box for each option)
  13. Please confirm that this child is at Stage 2 SEND Support and that you are applying the Graduated Response (tick box)
  14. Give a brief description of the child’s needs (box for no more than 500 words)

Funding Request Information

 Funding stream being requested (tick box)

    1. Tier 1 (up to £800 for training)
    2. Tier 2 (up to £1500)

Details of SEND

Please complete the information below for apply or either Tier 1 or 2 funding.

Evidence of APDR and what is already in place (please delete examples):


What are the identified needs of the child?


What is being put into place to support the child?


What has been the impact of the support so far?

e.g. X has a diagnosis of autism/awaiting a diagnosis of autism

Chiltern Outreach referral received. Strategies being implement such as Lego therapy

Child x will work in on an adult led small group activity and assume roles assigned to complete an agreed task OR Engaging in Lego therapy. Still having incidents during unstructured times involving physical altercations

e.g. Child X struggles with social times where they are involved in physical altercations

Adult supervision at break time (15mins)

Structured club at lunchtime (45mins)

Altercations have stopped at lunchtimes, however adult support still needed to prevent incident at break times

Tier 1 (application for training/CPD up to £800)

Please detail identified training/resource need and desired impact (please delete examples):

SEND need


Desired outcomes/impact

e.g. Increased numbers of speech and communication  difficulties in Reception

e.g. Well Comm Early Years assessment and intervention pack £750

e.g. To screen language levels of all EY pupil and put intervention in at the earliest point- to prevent later literacy difficulties


Tier 2 (application for individual support for up to £1500)

Please give details of the request (please delete examples):



Support requested

What the desired outcomes/impact will be

e.g. £450

Play therapy for 10 sessions

That X will demonstrate positive collaboration skills in a small group intervention setting OR

That X will be provided with strategies to allow him to engage positively with other children.

e.g. £200

Twice weekly social skills sessions with HLTA (2 x 45 mins per week for a term)

That X will be given some strategies in a group setting to allow him to talk through how to manage situations that might occur during unstructured times.

Apply for Early Intervention Offer funding

Please note that parent/carers must give their consent for the application to be heard.