Building Resilience in Families (BRIF)

Building Resilience in Families (BRIF) meetings are held weekly across all 5 localities. The panel is a multi-agency team working together to offer very early intervention to children and their families, to prevent and reduce the escalation of incidents or issues. 

The BRIF Panel consists of a core group including Housing, 0-19 Service, Police, Adult Mental Health, Children Centres, and other key partners/agencies relevant to families or to the issues prevalent in the locality.

The only ‘criteria’ for the BRIF panel is that families are not open to Early Help or statutory Children Services.

Examples of the discussions, signposting and advice shared at BRIF include:

  • Housing issues.
  • Parenting Issues/Behaviours at home.
  • Non-school attendance.
  • SEND needs
  • Low level parental mental health.
  • Young Carers support
  • Emotional wellbeing support
  • Accessing local resources and supplies
  • Youth Support

Consent must be received from parents prior to being discussed at panel.

If you would like to receive advice about services and support available for you and your family from the BRIF meeting, please speak to a member of the  0-19 Health Team, a person at your child’s school/setting or call the Access and Referral Hub who will support you with accessing this support.

Professionals are invited to attend and present information on the behalf of the family at the meeting and will share the information from it with you.