Toolkits and Resources

SEND Toolkits

Following the SEND Conference in March 2020, we've produced these reference toolkits, to assist educational settings:

Appropriate and purposeful focus on early intervention is key to supporting children with SEND:

  • make progress
  • prevent further escalation of needs and presentation
  • be more independent and resilient as they grow

These documents were developed as part of the Managing Demand in SEND Project. Our thanks go out to all the services and departments who contributed, including:

  • public health
  • educational settings (including our special schools)
  • Bedford Borough Council
  • Luton Borough Council

Quality First Teaching Strategies

Easy to implement QFT strategies that can be shared with teaching and support staff

Quality First Teaching Strategies

4 Areas of Need Example Waves Provision

Record of Observation Example

SMART targets ideas

Removing barriers

Supporting SEND in the classroom

SEND Support Plans


SEND Support Plans Pilot (Word)

SEND Support Plans Pilot Example

Provision Maps


CBC Funding Provision Map Example 

CBC Funding Provision Map (Word)