Free ADHD & Teen Sleep Resources for Parents

ADHD Guide for Parents (Authors - Dr Yemula, Dr Nivedita Bajaj, Professor Besag and Professor Chowdhury): An interactive pdf with external links to educational video clips, covering basics, how ADHD is diagnosed, coexisting conditions, treatment options and also emphasising the positives and strengths of people with neurodiverse conditions. Two parents have written about their experiences and journey, which is highly inspiring.


Teen Sleep Guide, 3rd edition (Authors - Dr Yemula, Professor Besag and Dr Musgrave): An interactive pdf with clickable links for interesting educational short video clips. The book explains in simple language about sleep concept, benefits of good quality of sleep, potential causes of sleep difficulties/disorders, self-help strategies and when to seek help in case of ongoing difficulties. A free apple book with animations and sounds is also available to download (link in the book). Has received excellent feedback from teenagers.

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Last updated: 04/10/2022