Gender Identity - Jay's Story, a short film

Jay’s story helping others started with him asking for support with his mental health before realising at the age of 13 that his body did not reflect his identity. He recently agreed to share his experience on camera to let young people know that they are not alone on their journey.

His life took an incredible turn after receiving support from CAMHS services in Bedfordshire for self-harm and opening up to teachers and family to talk about his gender identity, which at first was mistaken with sexual identity.

Living the experience of changing gender as a young person, he decided to share his story to educate clinicians, adults and teachers:

‘84% of trans people under 18 in the UK have self-harmed, which is a ridiculous number of people and that is the vast majority. 

‘I don’t know why that is, I think that some people are not supported, some people don’t feel like they can speak up, but then there is also proof that that isn’t just the case.’

Jay had supportive people on his journey and after two full rows of train tickets to London and back that made their way on his wall of joy, he is embracing who he is:

‘I don’t even think about my gender, which is crazy - I never thought that day would come - but I just live my life like any other guy and it’s incredible.’ 

Jay Worthington is a fierce advocate of the transgender community for young people and he speaks up about stigma surrounding mental health. He was shortlisted for his tenacity to initiate change in mental health for the Young Person's High Sheriff of Bedfordshire Citizenship Award in March 2019.

Watch Jay’s Story

Jay’s story from Copperwheat Films on Vimeo.


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