Medical Needs Education Team

Our Medical Needs Education Team provides teaching and support for children and young people of statutory school age and who are on the roll of a school, who due to illness require suitable alternative arrangements for their education whilst unwell.

Teaching is provided for pupils whose education is disrupted for up to 15 days or more over time - when it has been decided that MNET is the most appropriate service to deliver the education, due to:

  • an operation, illness or injury keeping the pupil away from school whilst recovering
  • an illness or injury requiring regular hospital attendance
  • a medical condition that causes frequent absences from school
  • a mental illness requiring therapeutic support

The service provides high quality teaching, mainly in the three core subjects of Maths, Science and English, as a way of supporting reintegration back into school.

The education can take place in a pupil's home environment. However, when the pupil is able and health supports this, their education can take place in other buildings and may be in small groups - with reintegration being the ultimate goal.

Pupils remain on the roll of their school, and the Medical Needs Education Team teachers work in partnership with the school, parents, family and young person to ensure continuity and progression for the pupil, taking account of medical advice. Schools and the Medical Needs Education Team support reintegration of pupils where the medical advice supports their readiness to return to school.

Who to contact

Contact Name
Heather Anderson
Contact Position
Medical Needs Education Team Leader (Head Teacher)
0300 300 8038 0300 300 8038


Referral required
Referral Details

Referrals are made to the Medical Needs Education Team from the pupil's school via the online Single Referral Form


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