Primary Social, Emotional, and Mental Health (SEMH) Advisory Service (Jigsaw Outreach)

The Primary Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) Advisory Service (Jigsaw Outreach) provides support to schools to maintain children with Social Emotional and Mental Health Difficulties within their educational community and promote inclusion.

The team contains primary advisory teachers (including Head of Service) and specialist practitioners and it forms part of our special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) service.

Staff are allocated to North and South of the county and the service works to help vulnerable young people reconnect with their learning by helping them to feel safe enough to access their education .

Who to contact

Administrative support: 0300 300 5735 Administrative support: 0300 300 5735

Schools can request a consultation from the service when children are

  • displaying challenging behaviour
  • where their ‘window of tolerance’ is low’ 
  • finding it demanding to engage within the mainstream school environment

We seek to understand the behaviour of the child or young person (CYP) and look at what could be causing this behaviour. Being curious about behaviour we aim to understand if there is a communication of  possible unmet needs. This process allows our service to support school staff, parents and CYP to calm, connect, think, and adapt.

Where to go

Watling House
High Street North
View LU6 1LF on a map


Referral required
Referral Details

Acceptance of a Request for Consultation:

When a request is accepted the Advisory Service work with school through a partnership plan which agrees the support to be provided. The plan can agree to:

  • Undertake a comprehensive baseline of assessments that indicate strategies that may be used to meet their needs
  • Provide a variety of interventions; on a one to one (except CYP with an EHCP), in groups or with whole classes, that can develop their ability to respond to supportive relationships, their emotional literacy, social skills and self-esteem
  • Support school staff to provide the strategies needed to support the young person through regular meetings with the CYP one to one and/or with school staff
  • Provide training for schools on a range of topics relevant to supporting young people at risk of exclusion or with SEMH needs in order to build a school’s capacity to successfully maintain the young person within their setting. This is tailor made to meet the needs of the requesting establishment
  • Work with other agencies, for example, Educational Psychology Service, Early Help Team/Social Care, Health,  Access & Inclusion, to ensure an holistic approach to supporting the CYP
Other notes

Support for School and Parents:

  • We support school and parents through a Pastoral Support Programme (PSP) that closely monitors strategies and actions taken to support the young person to maintain their place in school, and support the CYP to meet their needs
  • We provide family support by referral to the Advisory Service Family Support Worker, who works for both the Jigsaw Inreach Service and Primary SEMH Advisory Service (Jigsaw Outreach)
  • As part of the baseline assessments, we hold a Parent Meeting to collect background information and parental views
  • Parents are unable to refer directly, this must be through the school, but once the request is accepted parents can contact staff directly as appropriate


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