An update on how we are improving our approach to school attendance for children with complex needs

We have been reviewing our approach to school attendance when a child has a diagnosed, or an undiagnosed medical or special educational need. Over the summer term, we worked with SEND and education experts to review and develop new approaches. The experts have been working closely with the Council, schools and SNAP Parent Carer Forum through a number of workshops to co-produce and agree what good practice looks like, as well as the changes we need to make - including clear guidance for families and practitioners.

Our next step is to test the revised approach and the agreed guidance at an information session in early December, facilitated by SNAP PCF and SEND 4 Change (the external experts we have been working with). Following this session, we will make any final changes needed before we roll it out from January 2023. This process of change will help ensure that we provide the best service for children with additional needs, as we work in partnership with families and those who support them, including schools. In addition, we are reviewing the capacity needed in the school attendance team to take account of the updated guidance and the changes made.

Our education and social care teams will be fully trained on this new approach, so they can continue to work collaboratively with schools and health professionals ensuring a joined-up approach and understanding.